The Best Abba Tribute

THE BEST ABBA TRIBUTE COMES TO WAGENINGEN WITH AN EVENING FULL SHOW! Go back in time with THE BEST Abba tribute in Wageningen and sing along with hits such as 'Dancing Queen', 'Mamma Mia' and 'Waterloo'. THE BEST Abba tribute consists of two trained singers with behind them four very experienced professional musicians who also perform the backing vocals. Of course they perform in clothing from the 70s and even wear original clothing as ABBA used to wear it at the time. The special thing about this tribute band is that everything is played and sung live

Schipborgerweg 8, 9483 TL Zeegse, Netherlands

17.04.2021 14:30:43 - 18.04.2021 18:30:00


Gefällt mir

02.08.21 14:30 - 02.08.21 19:30
Tikki Oasis

British Indian Ocean Territory 


03.08.21 14:36 - 08.08.21 07:30
Summer meltdown

Darrington, WA 98241, USA 


27.05.21 14:30 - 27.05.21 19:30
2021 Lisbon Mastermind

1150-228 Lisbon, Portugal 


07.05.21 14:30 - 07.05.21 20:00
Joe Lynn Tuner

08002 Barcelona, Spain