Summer meltdown

We’re talking about 20 years of adventure and great music.   GRiZ, Greensky Bluegrass, Big Wild, Jai Wolf, The Disco Biscuits, Galactic, and Opiuo are all joining us this year. Phew. And those are just the headliners! The river, the beach at bacon point, Whitehorse Mountain turning gold at dusk and pink at dawn. Nobody's a stranger at Meltdown, we're united young and old with the common goal of sharing the best weekend of summer. We make it that way together, loading our cars from all over the west and driving into the North Cascades, bringing unicorn floaties, absurd costumes, and plenty of goodies to share with friends. Somewhere on the dance floor the truth is revealed: life is a silent disco if you're living it right! Come melt with us!

1000 Emens Ave N, Darrington, WA 98241, USA

03.08.2021 14:36:12 - 08.08.2021 07:30:21


Gefällt mir

03.12.21 18:30 - 03.12.21 23:30
saltatio Mortis

90762 Fürth, Germany 


07.08.21 18:00 - 08.08.21 01:00
Summergarden Samstag

81671 München, Deutschland 


06.08.21 18:00 - 07.08.21 01:00

81671 München, Germany 


03.08.21 14:36 - 08.08.21 07:30
Summer meltdown

Darrington, WA 98241, USA