Norfolk video dating

The Norfolk video speed dating event is the most effective way for men and women to meet. Whether you are recently single, new in town, or have been single for a while, this event is for you.  To attend our video speed dating events, make sure to download the app here. This is an online event for Norfolk singles only. Every Friday we'll set up Norfolk specific speed dating sessions and set you up on three, 90-second dates!  Filter Off is modeled after real-world speed dating and is designed to get those with confidence, courage and crazy schedules meeting each other face-to-face. We look at your age, location, height and education preferences and attempt to find someone that fits all of them. These events will take place in the Norfolk, Virginia area.

457 St Pauls Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23510, USA

12.05.2021 15:19:07 - 12.05.2021 19:30:15


Gefällt mir

21.04.21 14:30 - 21.04.21 18:30
Oakland Speed dating

Oakland, CA 94612, USA 


24.04.21 12:30 - 24.04.21 18:30
Twisted Circus

Manchester M1 5WW, UK 


17.06.21 15:29 - 17.06.21 19:30
SunnyCon Anime Expo 2021

A3, London SE1, UK 


08.05.21 14:30 - 08.05.21 15:25
Illusion The Drag Queen 2...

Las Vegas, NV 89146, USA