The "ImproBuffet" event series is the perfect way to experience an entertaining and enjoyable evening. From 7 p.m. the doors of the PARKS open to everyone who comes straight from work or who simply wants to start a wonderful evening early. An aperitif and a snack buffet are included in the admission price! As a greeting, the chef conjures up a variety of culinary delights that come alive and lively and are bursting with vitamins. Of course, you can also come a little later in a relaxed manner. From 8 p.m. the well-known improvisation theater serves holterdiepolter! funny and surprising scenes "a la carte" according to the wishes of the audience. The brand new show consists of spontaneously improvised stories that are exotic, turbulent or romantic, will definitely be very personal and entertaining. Let yourself be enchanted by our double gourmet offer on this evening. We look forward to you!

Am Himmelreich, 85055 Ingolstadt, Germany

22.04.2021 14:30:45 - 22.04.2021 19:30:54


Gefällt mir

11.06.21 14:30 - 11.06.21 15:25
Rooftop Brunch

New York, NY 10007, USA 


18.08.21 14:30 - 18.08.21 19:30
Unity Chirstian Music

Houston, TX 77002, USA 


20.05.21 21:00 - 21.05.21 17:30
Estopa's Gira fuego

41003 Sevilla, Spain 


18.06.21 14:30 - 18.06.21 18:30
Burlington Wine & Food

Burlington, ON L7R 2G2, Canada