Gallery Of Ideas

The annual conference of Gallery of Ideas is the global scene for public speaking and storytelling. It's an encounter of brilliant minds hosted at the incredible Venue 290 where an exceptional array of professional and apprentice speakers will be expressing their thoughts around the theme "Strive". Created by the Co-Founders #PatriciaCurty and #AndrewPitt, Gallery of Ideas is an annual conference that provides a unique space for new ideas to flourish, for new connections to happen, to stir excitement, where people can share the stage to showcase their new creations. Every event has a different theme, where the co-founders invite 6 or 7 Speakers to present their ideas, to tell their stories in a challenging timeframe of 10 to 30min Talk format. 

08002 Barcelona, Spain

19.05.2021 14:30:48 - 19.05.2021 19:30:58


Gefällt mir

22.05.21 14:00 - 23.05.21 01:00
Escape Open Air Festival...

85356 Freising, Germany 


28.05.21 14:30 - 28.05.21 19:30
Unk Last Friday

Westminster, London SW1P 3AD, UK 


16.07.21 14:30 - 16.07.21 19:30
Barcode Toronto 2021

Toronto, ON M6R 2L2, Canada 


12.05.21 08:30 - 12.05.21 14:30
Festival of Arts

41003 Sevilla, Spain