Floss Saturdays

Saturday Nights at London's most popular Club night in Camden DUO. VIP service, good music, and a great atmosphere. Floss Saturdays at Camden’s new hotspot “DUO”. The venue is located on Inverness Street and it’s hard to be missed with its baby blue and interior design. The venue consists of 2 floors playing the best of Rnb, Hip Hop and party anthems . Floss has attracted a large following via the number of celebs that have attended the night and the range of DJ’s we have on rotation.

42 Pentlow St, London SW15 1LX, UK

19.06.2021 14:30:44 - 19.06.2021 19:30:51


Gefällt mir

12.06.21 05:30 - 12.06.21 08:30
DNB Brunch

St. James's, London SW1A 2TS, UK 


19.05.21 14:30 - 19.05.21 19:30
Gallery Of Ideas

08002 Barcelona, Spain 


12.06.21 12:00 - 12.06.21 22:00
Yaz Aski Open Air 2021

81929 München, Deutschland 


24.06.21 14:30 - 25.06.21 08:35
World of love Festival

Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DF, UK