10 years Eisbach Callin 'w / POSIJ

The Eisbach Callin 'Crew celebrates its 10th year with the drum & bass heavyweight POSIJ [Vision / Critical, NL]   Eisbach Callin 'turns ten! Who would have thought that a decade and more than a hundred nights later with you celebrated, we still bring beats and bass to the people. And to celebrate these ten years soaked in sweat and tears of joy, we invited one of our special favorites - POSIJ. Since “Techplant” Posij has inspired us with his original sound design; a unique mix of crude basslines and glitch, which moves into the legs and massages the synapses at the same time. Now we are happy to celebrate our birthday with him.

Lueg ins Land 1, 80331 München, Germany

13.04.2021 07:30:12 - 14.04.2021 15:05:06

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25.04.21 14:30 - 25.04.21 19:30
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Atlanta, GA 30334, USA 


01.07.21 11:00 - 01.07.21 23:00
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85609 Aschheim, Deutschland 


15.04.21 21:59 - 17.04.21 14:30
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09.04.21 14:30 - 09.04.21 19:30
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