10th Annual From Barrel

FROM THE BARREL POSTPONED UNTIL 2021! From the Barrel has been postponed until Friday, April 9th, 2021. Our first concern is always the wellbeing of our guests, employees and partners. This measure is clearly the best for everyone, as the State of California has recommended against even small social gatherings for the time being. We appreciate your understanding. If you wish to attend From the Barrel on April 9th, 2021 you can simply keep your tickets—we will contact you in December with more details and look forward to welcoming you. If you cannot attend this later date and would like a refund, please email veronica@firestonebeer.com with the subject line “FtB Refund” before August 14th Check back for event updates in December! In the meantime, know that we will continue to provide our community with beer, and we hope that our beers can provide you with a comforting provision during this time. Stay well—we hope to see you all sooner rather than later.

3623 Grove Ln, Marshall, VA 20115, USA

16.03.2021 13:30:18 - 16.03.2021 19:25:27

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Gefällt mir

23.05.21 19:00 - 23.05.21 19:00
the Book of Fire Tour 202...

90482 Nürnberg, Germany 


14.01.21 13:30 - 20.06.21 18:19
Rooftop Party at Skyroom

New York, NY 10018, USA 


02.04.21 14:30 - 02.04.21 19:30

West End, London WC2N 5HR, UK 


03.04.21 14:30 - 03.04.21 15:25
Revel Atlanta

Atlanta, GA 30303, USA