Hoboken Leprecon

Keep the tradition going strong! That's exactly what we're here to do. The phenomenon that takes hold of Hoboken every single March is quickly approaching. Not only is the weather going to get a little warmer, it is the perfect way to get the party started for St Patrick's Day - a real pre - St. Paddy's day event! The first Saturday of March is a special day in Hoboken, NJ. Not only do all of the great bars and venues in Hoboken collaborate on a star-studded event, this year the "All Access Pass" is the one package you'll need in order to spend the entire day in excitement. Join us on Saturday, March 6th during our annual St. Paddy's Celebration as Hoboken unites in solidarity to offer a great package for those who wish to celebrate in style and tradition. It's been a long winter and at HobokenStPatricksDay.com, we're definitely ready for the spring to come and the St. Patrick's Day festivities to get under way.

263 Sixth St, Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA

18.02.2021 13:30:17 - 18.02.2021 18:30:26

Teile Diesen Deal

Gefällt mir

24.04.21 12:30 - 24.04.21 18:30
Twisted Circus

Manchester M1 5WW, UK 


23.04.21 14:30 - 23.04.21 18:30
DNB Brunch

West End, London WC2N 5HR, UK 


16.03.21 05:30 - 16.03.21 10:30
Trap N Eat

Atlanta, GA 30315, USA 


23.04.21 14:30 - 23.04.21 19:30
International Friday Nigh...

New York, NY 10007, USA