Le souk Brunch Party

About this Event RESERVATIONS BOOKED THROUGH ME ARE REQUIRED FOR OFFER!! EVERY SATURDAY; Join the Bottomless Brunch Party at Le Souk with DJ, Dancing, Food, Drinks and Hookah. Only $35pp w/ special options (complimentary Hookah; Champagne Celebratory Bottle Toast for special occasions; and we can add your name to the menu) when reserved directly through me. DM me directly on IG @ _ww.aa.yy_ or text at 917-250-4872 for reservations. RESERVATIONS BOOKED THROUGH ME ARE REQUIRED FOR OFFER!! 12PM, 2PM AND 4PM SEATING OPTIONS!

510 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012, USA

14.03.2021 04:30:35 - 14.03.2021 10:30:44

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